About Us


Krishak Bharati Cooperative Ltd (KRIBHCO) is a Multi-State Cooperative Society deemed to be registered under the Multi-State Cooperative Societies (MSCS) Act, 2002. The Government of India through the Department of Fertilizers was a member of KRIBHCO but its equity holding was reduced to NIL on 4th July 2013 under the provisions of the MSCS Act 2002. KRIBHCO is not owned nor controlled nor financed by the Government of India / Any State Governments.

KRIBHCO was incorporated on 17th April 1980 as a national level Multi State Cooperative Society to implement first gas based “state-of-the-art” high capacity Fertilizer Complex consisting of 2 x 1350 MTPD Ammonia plants and 4 x 1100 MTPD Urea plants each with annual installed capacity of 8.91 Lakh MT Ammonia and 14.52 lakh MT of Urea at Hazira District-Surat, Gujarat, India based on natural gas from Bombay High/ South Bassein. Hazira fertilizer complex was commissioned in 1985 in record time with saving of Rs. 90 crore in project cost.

In an endeavor to make constant improvements, KRIBHCO implemented various schemes to enhance its capacity and improve the energy consumption. Capacities of ammonia & urea plants were reassessed to 2x1520 MTPD Ammonia and 4x 1310 MTPD Urea with annual installed capacity of 10.03 Lakh MT ammonia and 17.29 lakh MT of urea.

The Hazira Fertilizer Complex was subsequently revamped in 2013 to increase its production capacity by 4.65 LMTPA of Urea. After the revamp, the rated capacity has been enhanced to 2x3325 MTPD Urea (21.95 LMTPA) and 2 x 1890 MTPD Ammonia (12.47 LMTPA). With this, the Hazira fertilizer complex has became largest single location urea plant in India.

Expansion & Diversifications

KRIBHCO has also made realignment in its corporate strategy and internal operations revamping to meet the challenges in the liberalized/globalized economy. As a part of above initiative, KRIBHCO entered into overseas Joint Ventures, diversification into Power Sector, Logistics Business, etc

  • In 2005, KRIBHCO’s Joint Venture project with Oman Oil Company came on stream in Sultanate of Oman. KRIBHCO holds 25% equity in OMIFCO.
  • Kribhco Fertilizer Limited(formerly Kribhco Shyam Fertilizer Ltd) is a 100% subsidiary of KRIBHCO.
  • KRIBHCO has diversified into power sector by investing in Gujarat State Energy Generation (GSEG).
  • KRIBHCO incorporated Kribhco Infrastructure Limited, a 100% subsidiary to venture into logistics business
  • KRIBHCO holds 2.34% equity in Nagarjuna Oil Refinery Limited and 1.84% in Nagarjuna Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd
  • KRIBHCO holds 5% equity in Indian Commodity Exchange (ICEX)

New products and marketing initiatives

  • KRIBHCO has been promoting the use of bio-fertilisers since many years. The society has three units to manufacture bio-fertilisers at Hazira (Gujarat), Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh) and Lanjha (Maharashtra).
  • Keeping in view importance of the Quality Seeds in enhancing the agricultural production, KRIBHCO initiated Seed Multiplication Programme in the year 1990-91 to provide quality certified seeds of the crops.
  • KRIBHCO is also marketing high yield Hybrid seeds of various crops like Bt Cotton.
  • KRIBHCO imports and markets other fertiliser like DAP, DAP-Lite and MOP etc from time to time.
  • Organic Agriculture has emerged as a feasible option to address concerns relating to land degradations. KRIBHCO regularly undertakes marketing of compost made from city waste.
  • In a nut shell KRIBHCO, world’s premier fertilizer producing cooperative has an outstanding track record to its credit in all spheres of its activities. KRIBHCO has fully imbibed the cooperative philosophy and has made sustained efforts towards promoting the cause of modern agriculture and cooperatives in the country. KRIBHCO stands for commitment, sincerity and high standards of excellence. In our endeavor towards achieving our goals we are impelled by the ideals set by our predecessors and the devotion and dedication of our employees. We are ISO 9001, ISO 9002, and ISO 14001 certified organization.



To act as a catalyst to agricultural and rural development by selecting, financing and managing projects that are both socially desirable and commercially profitable.


To become a world class organization that represents the farmer community and maximizes their returns through specialization in agricultural inputs, rural need based products and other diversified businesses that maximize stakeholders’ value.


  • To strengthen cooperative system
  • To enhance the urea installed capacity and increasing its market share
  • To ensure optimum utilization of existing plant and machinery
  • To diversify into other core sectors like Power, Port, Infrastructure, Rural Retail, etc
  • Transfer of technology for modern farming and improving farmers livelihood
  • To educate and train farmers, provide free testing facilities for soil nutrients and irrigation water