Ammonia is a gas which is used in manufacturing of urea and complex fertilizers. Ammonia is produced using Natural gas as the main feedstock using steam reforming process. The other inputs required are Steam and Air. The technology for Hazira Complex has been supplied by Kellogg’s (now KBR) of USA. KRIBHCO’s ammonia plants have been revamped from 10.02 Lakh MTPA to increase to 12.47 Lakh MTPA. Carbon Dioxide is the by- product of ammonia plant which is used for Urea production in Urea plant.

Hazira Plant produced, 13.65 Lakh MT Ammonia which corresponds to post revamp capacity utilization of 109.39% during the Financial Year 2018-19.

During FY 2018-19, KRIBHCO achieved a specific ammonia energy consumption of 8.098 GCal/MT of Ammonia.

These are commendable achievements because the plants have completed more than 30 years of commercial operation.