Environmental Protection

KRIBHCO is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of its operations and its products through the use of best available technology and adoption of sustainable practices. We have implemented the Environmental Management System that has been certified with the International standard ISO 14001 which ensures the continual improvement of our organization on environmental front. Our actions aim at improving the efficiency of our operations and to remain compliant at all the time with the conditions of our environmental consents & other requirement issued by statutory bodies.

KRIBHCO has implemented various recycle/ re-uses schemes for water conservation. Tertiary treated water is being reused as cooling tower make up. Deep hydrolyser was installed in Urea plant to reuse the effluent as boiler feed water after treatment. A number of energy efficient and pollution abatement projects have recently been commissioned. An additional steam stripper has also been installed in Urea-1 plant to treat the ammonia bearing effluent.

Continuous efforts have also been made to check the emission of pollutants in air. Wet de-dusting system at Prilling tower top has been installed to restrict the Urea dust. Emissions from all the stacks are well below the prescribed limits. Six ambient air quality-monitoring stations have been set up within a radius of 10 km from our complex for periodic monitoring of air quality in surrounding area.

KRIBHCO has undertaken afforestation by planting trees of different species every year in order to improve the ambient air quality. Lush green lawns are also developed in an area of 100 acres. More so, a demonstration farm in an area of 41 acres has also been developed. To create awareness among contract workers an audio-video module on Environment Protection has been prepared which is shown to all the contract workers and thereafter, they are allowed to work in the plant premises.

As a part of green initiative, Society has established 80KWp (kilowatt peak) rooftop photovoltaic solar system for its corporate office in Noida. This solar system has grid connected MPPT inverters without batteries for captive use. Having 320 solar panels of capacity 250 W each, the power plant is operational during the day. The project is expected to generate minimum 1.1 lakh unit per annum. The plant would cater to six percent of the total power requirement in corporate office.

Safety Management

KRIBHCO is fully committed towards continual improvements in the fields of safety, health and environment (SHE). KRIBHCO has not only incorporated ISO 9001-2008, and integrated ISO 14001& ISO 18000 Management Systems as an integral part of its operations, but also improving upon them continuously. KRIBHCO has separate departments to look into the safety, health and the environment aspects respectively. The safety setup of KRIBHCO Hazira Plant has been established with a vision to achieve its slogan of “SAFETY FIRST; PRODUCTION MUST. ” Your Society follows the following:

• Safety awareness through hoardings, pamphlets, Safety Manual, safety related competitions, screening of safety related films from time to time.

• Safety related training for all employees as well as contract workers

• Safety inspections, periodic audits by internal/ external auditors and specialized third party safety audit, risk assessment and HAZOP analysis

• State of the art automatic and manual fire and toxic gas alarm system.

• Two tier safety committees

• Mutual aid scheme has been developed amongst nearby industries like ONGC, RIL & NTPC to cope with any major emergency

• Emergency communication system from all emergency vehicles to fire control room

• Emergency Planning & Preparedness along-with On Site Emergency Plan (OSEP) along with mock drills

• Full fledged Fire Station equipped with three major fire tenders, one DCP tender, one emergency / rescue tender, speed boats, an ambulance and other auxiliary vehicles & equipment.

• State of art fire suppression system consisting of sprinkler system, CO2 flooding, FM200, FE227 foam systems

• Special water diffuser nozzles and water curtains for escaping ammonia vapors at critical locations