Hazira Plant


Hazira Plant

KRIBHCO has setup a Fertilizer Complex to manufacture Urea, Ammonia & Bio-fertilizers at Hazira in the State of Gujarat, on the bank of river Tapti, 15 Kms from Surat city on Surat – Hazira State Highway.

Late Smt. Indira Gandhi, former Prime Minister of India laid the Foundation Stone on February 5, 1982.

Hazira Fertiliser Complex consists of 2 x 1350 MTPD Ammonia Plants and 4 x 1100 MTPD Urea Plants each with annual installed capacity of 8.91 Lakh MT Ammonia and 14.52 Lakh MT of Urea.

In an endeavor to make constant improvements, KRIBHCO implemented various schemes to enhance its capacity and improve the energy consumption. Capacities of Ammonia & Urea plants were reassessed to 2x1520 MTPD Ammonia and 4x1310 MTPD Urea with annual installed capacity of 10.03 Lakh MT Ammonia and 17.29 Lakh MT of Urea.

The Hazira Fertilizer Complex was subsequently revamped in 2013 to increase its capacity by 4.65 LMTPA Urea as well as to infuse new life. After the revamp, the rated capacity has been enhanced to 2x3325 MTPD Urea (21.95 LMTPA) and 2x1890 MTPD Ammonia (12.47 LMTPA). With this, the Hazira Fertilizer Complex has become the largest Single Location Urea Plant in India.

Production at Hazira

  • Urea

    Urea is a white crystalline substance with the chemical formula NH2-CO-NH2; it is highly water soluble and contains 46% nitrogen. It is used extensively as chemical fertilizer as well as for industrial uses. Urea is produced in Prilled as well as in Granular forms. KRIBHCO’s Hazira Complex produces Prilled urea using the technology supplied by M/s Snamprogetti (now Saipem) of Italy.

  • Ammonia

    Ammonia is a gas which is used in manufacturing of urea and complex fertilizers. Ammonia is produced using Natural gas as the main feedstock using steam reforming process. The other inputs required are Steam and Air. The technology for Hazira Complex has been supplied by Kellogg’s (now KBR) of USA. KRIBHCO’s ammonia plants have been revamped from 10.02 Lakh MTPA to increase to 12.47 Lakh MTPA. Carbon Dioxide is the by- product of ammonia plant which is used for Urea production in Urea plant.

  • Liquid Argon Gas

    Argon is an inert gas which is used in critical industrial processes such as the manufacturing of high quality stainless steels and production of impurity-free silicon crystals for semi-conductors as well inert filler for light bulbs. KRIBHCO has Argon plants of capacity 750 nm3/hour based on cryogenic Linde process.

  • Bio-Fertilizers

    In order to provide eco-friendly and cost-effective fertilisers, KRIBHCO has established three Bio-Fertiliser plants at Hazira (Gujarat), Lanja (Maharashtra) and Varanasi (UP). These plants produce solids as well as liquid bio fertilizers. KRIBHCO is gradually shifting from solid bio fertilizers to liquid bio fertilizers.