HR Overview


HR Overview

Kribhco has been a front runner in the fertilizer sector which has been possible through the thrust on human resources development. The Management of KRIBHCO considers its employees as a valuable resource and asset. Paramount importance is assigned to employees’ related matters. Continuous and untiring efforts are made towards maintaining cordial and harmonious inter-personal relations which have been key factor(s) in achieving all round improved performance of the Society.

Kribhco offers a host of exciting career opportunities to qualified and dynamic young individuals in the field of Production / Maintenance/ Technical /Marketing/ Fin & A/c s /Materials and Human Relations. The developmental needs of the employees are taken care of by a well laid out training plan for continuous updation of knowledge, skills, competency and capacity building.

Human resources department in Kribhco plays the role of taking care of this human capital of the society. It develops the procedures and tools for the Management to manage as well as for smooth conduct of human resources related issues. This department also enables the creation of an environment in the organisation wherein employees feel pride in working and sense of belongingness to the Society.

Through its multifarious activities the HR department in Kribhco also takes care of employees’ physical, economical and developmental needs. This concern for its employees is reflected through the efforts in the area of health, safety and welfare of its employees. Kribhco not only meets the statutory obligations towards the employees, but also undertakes voluntary measures beyond the statutory requirement. It endeavours to provide hospital/medical facilities, canteen, recreation club, housing facilities, schools and safe working environment to its employees.

HR department facilitates development of an environment whereby employees’ are inspired to give their best to the society since the organisation is taking utmost care of all his and his family’s needs. It helps in enabling the maximization of employee capabilities through its employee oriented policies and practices which in turn gives it the competitive edge in its trail blazing success in the fertiliser industry as well as in its efforts towards diversification and expansion ventures.

Employees’ Relations in the Society have all through remained cordial and peaceful. An atmosphere of mutual trust, confidence and goodwill has prevailed between the Management and the employees. Kribhco Management maintains an open-door policy with fair and transparent approach while dealing with the employees.