1) Urea Sales:

KRIBHCO markets urea produce by the Hazira Fertilizer Complex, KFL’s Shahajahanpur complex as well as 50% of the urea produced from Oman India Fertilizer Complex. KRIBHCO marketed and sold total 43.11 LMT Urea in FY 2017-18, which includes 22.06 LMT of own urea from Hazira Plant, 11.98 LMT from OMIFCO and 9.07 LMT from KFL.

2) Sale of Bio-Fertilizers:

KRIBHCO manufactures and markets bio fertilizers. The Society is presently producing nine types of bacterial strains namely Azotobacter, Azospirillum, Rhizobium, Acetobacter, Phosphorus Solubilizing Bacteria (PSB), Potash Mobilizing Bacteria (KMB), Zinc Solubilizing Bacteria, Liquid Consortia NPK1 (strains of Azotobactor + PSB + KMB) and NPK-2 (strains of Azospirillum + PSB + KMB). In addition to these strains, the Society plans to produce NPK3 (strains of Rhizobium – Soya + PSB + KMB).

3) Sale of Certified seeds:

Seed Multiplication Programme, initiated by KRIBHCO in the year 1990-91, provides quality seed of the main crops to farmers. The seeds produced by the Society are made available to the farmers through Krishak Bharati Sewa Kendra, Co-operative societies and State Co-operative Marketing Federations in different states. KRIBHCO has established state of art seed lab at Corporate Office at NOIDA. The quantity of certified seeds sold in the last few FY are as follows (000 Qtls):

4) Sale of Hybrid Seeds:

Hybrid Seed industry is assuming an important role in Indian Agriculture contributing to higher productivity. In January 2010, KRIBHCO entered into an agreement with a reputed Hybrid Seed Company for marketing of their Hybrid Seeds through Society’s marketing network in KRIBHCO’s own brand.

The Crop Performance of KRIBHCO’s Hybrid Seed among the progressive farmers of the country and its popularity has increased the demand of KRIBHCO Hybrid Seed in the market. Based on the performance of the crop, popularity and Brand image of KRIBHCO Hybrid Seed and also due to the inclination of farmers towards the use of Hybrid Seed for the plant vigor and potential to high yields, KRIBHCO was able to achieve following sales figures for FY 2017-18:

5) Sale of Imported Fertilizers(Other than OMIFCO Urea):

KRIBHCO imports and markets various imported fertilizers like DAP, DAP-Lite, MOP etc to farmers. From FY 2015-16, KRIBHCO has also started importing NPK. The sale of imported fertilizers in last five financial Years is as follows (‘000 MT):