Public Tender

Public Tenders

S.No Tender Description Ref. No. Due Date NIT/Tender Date Tender Documents
1 Sale of 100kg,50kg and 40kg 'D'class Jute bags- SPU Dewas. 06.03.2019 13.02.2019
2 Appointment of Road Transport Contractors for movement of Bagged Granulated/Prilled Urea/other imported fertilizers from various Ports. 08.03.2019 12.02.2019

3 Application For Pre-Qualification/Registration Of Handling And Transport Contractors At Various Rake Point In The State Of Madhya Pradesh. 28.02.2019 07.02.2019

4 Sale of 68.2 qtl of failed treated wheat seed at SPU-mullanpur Ludhiana. 21.01.2019 11.01.2019

5 NIT for sale of fail seed and under size of wheat and gram 16.01.2019 31.12.2018