Traded Products

Traded Products

• Single Super Phosphate(SSP)

Society has procured and marketed 5,224.90 MT of SSP from various suppliers in Haryana, Punjab and Gujarat states which contributed Rs. 19.40 lakh to the profit.

• Zinc Sulphate

Zinc is an essential nutrient for normal healthy growth of plants, human beings and animals. As per the statistics, 50% of the soil in our country is found deficit in zinc. During 2016-17, Society has sold 1,786.409 MT of Zinc Sulphate 21% & 33% grades in 8 states. The Society plans to procure 8,044 MT Zinc Sulphate during the year 2017-18 for sale in an extended market territory of 16 states.

• City Compost

The Society initiated co-marketing of City Compost since December 2009. During the financial Year 2016-17, society has sold 19,621.10 MT of Compost. In order to popularize Compost, the Society is constantly educating farmers for its application in addition to chemical fertilizers. The Society plans to sell 22,000 MT Compost during the Financial Year 2017-18.

• Hybrid Seeds

KRIBHCO has been successfully marketing Hybrid Seeds through its own marketing network in KRIBHCO's own brand.During the year 2015-16, KRIBHCO marketed 278831(Packets) Bt. Cotton , 327 quintals of Paddy Hybrid, 5386 quintals of Paddy Research, 5317 quintals of Maize Hybrid and 49 quintals of Hybrid Bajra Seeds.