Traded Products

Traded Products

• P&K fertilisers

Society imported good quality of 611 Thousand MT of DAP and able to sale 539 Thousand MT during the year 2018-19, which made substantial contribution for Society.

Society has also sold 53.0 Thousand MT of NPK in 2018-19.The import and sale of imported DAP in last five financial Years is as follows (‘000 MT):


• City Compost

The Society initiated co-marketing of City Compost since December 2009. During the financial Year 2018-19, society has sold 27292 MT of Compost. In order to popularize Compost, the Society is constantly educating farmers for its application in addition to chemical fertilizers.

• Hybrid Seeds

KRIBHCO has been successfully marketing Hybrid Seeds through its own marketing network in KRIBHCO's own brand.During the year 2018-19, KRIBHCO marketed 75,026(Packets) Bt. Cotton, 250.90 quintals of Paddy Hybrid, 2249.70 quintals of Paddy Research, 4476.93 quintals of Maize Hybrid and 52.20 quintals of Hybrid Bajra Seeds.