Natural Potash

KRIBHCO Natural Potash is manufactured from molasses. Molasses the honey-like viscous syrup, is the most valuable by-product from the sugar industry. It is the residual syrup obtained during production of sugar in sugar factories.

  • KRIBHCO Natural Potash is a potassium rich fertilizer.
  • It is correctly formulated and safe for all type of plants/crops.
  • It has longer shelf-life.
  • Helps in photosynthesis process in plants.
  • Improves the quality and prolong shelf-life of the crop produce.
  • Support to increase the plant growth and improves drought resistance quality of crops.
  • It activates many growth related enzymes of the plants.
  • It improves soil aeration and prevents leaching losses.
  • It improves water-retaining capability of the soil.
  • Used at the time of crop sowing as basal dose.
  • Preferably applied separately but can also be mixed with other fertilizers.
  • Natural Potash dosage is recommended as 4-5 bags of 50 kg. i.e. 200-250 kg. per acre.
  • It can be mixed with soil for application in field/ crops.
  • For individual plants about 500 grams to 1kg/plant is recommended.
Natural Potash
FCO Specifications (As amended up to February 2019): Potash Derived from Molasses
Parameter(by weight) %
Moisture %, minimum 5.0
Water soluble potassium (as K2O) %, minimum 14.5

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